Leadership Transition

Hi friends,
Some of you may already be aware, but recently I’ve accepted the call to pastor at the Owego (NY) Church of the Nazarene. Seeing as it’s a really long commute from there to New England :-) I won’t be able to continue to serve as district NYI President. Not to worry though! We have a plan and process for these kind of transitions in our church (see Manual paragraph 810.208), and part of that process is that our district Vice President for NYI steps in to the role of President in the event of such a transition. And thankfully, we have a really good NYI Vice President! So over the next few weeks Jeremy Stanford​ will begin his tenure as NYI President for the New England district! Next time you see him, be sure to give him a hug and congratulate him. I know Jeremy’s got a heart for teens and NYI ministry  and will seek to serve our churches and local NYI ministries in new and great ways.

Thanks to all you teens and leaders who have helped out and supported NYI during my tenure these last few years. I’m going to miss this place and all of you!

Much love,
Pastor Phil

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